Sizzling in Surrey’s Summer Sun

Frensham Little Pond
(to the right you can see the two lovebirds, Max and Ket, paddling into the distance on a blow-up bed…)

Having been busy a few weekends in a row, we felt it was about time to take out next little adventure on the 28th June 2019; and this time our destination was Surrey. We set off with our friend Max, who was going to camp in the roof tent on his car (later you will see why ‘stealth camping’ is a blessing!).

Waverley Abbey Mannor

Our journey started on Friday evening, making a quick trip to Mc Donald’s along the way, as is tradtion. After a relatively short drive, we arrived at our first destination: Waverley Abbey, a filming location in the zombie movie ’28 Days Later’.

Waverley Abbey Ruins – used in the film ’28 Days Later’ where they sleep for the night.

Since we arrived so late, Max heroically set off to find a spot to camp whilst we walked Freki around the grounds. Max managed to find a spot suitable for a XLWB van and a roof tent, and it was super close by to Waverley Abbey so we could explore it in the morning. We stayed in a layby next to a forest, where we set up for the evening with a small fire and chatted the night away.

Our sleeping spot for the first night

Despite having a very rough night (something about that Mc Donalds did –not- agree with my stomach…) we continued with the plans to walk around Waverley Abbey. It was really interesting to see the ruins, even more so to read about how the monks used to live, and what the rooms would have been used for in their hay day.

Our grumbling bellies brought an end to the morning’s excurtion, so the next task was to find some picnic food for a nice lunch. Lidl was the shop choice for today, where we purchased lunch and dinner (soup with cocktail sausages, yum~), and then we arrived at our next stop of the day – the National Trust’s Frensham Little Pond. This place is where our day really began! By this point it was just after mid-day and the temperature was the hottest its been so far, a swealtering 28°C. We spent the afternoon swimming in the beautiful lake, basking in the sun, and playing with Freki (in the shade mind you!). Max even brought his blow up bed to use as a lilo which proved most entertaining.

Frensham Little Pond

Time whizzed past, and before we knew it we were looking for a place to sleep for our second night camping. Now this is when we realised that living in a stealth camper really has its perks. We are used to being able to pull up to a quiet residential area with no problems, feeling safe and getting a good night’s sleep. On Saturday night however, we were feeling drained from the sun beating down on us all day, and it was turning into grumpiness. This was enhanced by us driving around for hours, going down roads you’re not allowed to drive down, having to reverse the mamoth that is our home not once, but twice down tight one way tracks. It was certainly an experience I will remember. We ended up using an app called “Search for Sites” where you can find local camping spots. The only site that was close by and free was right next to a Tesco’s carpark. Certainly not as scenic as Friday night’s secluded forest stop over, but at this point we were just happy to get out of the van to cool down and relax. We probably looked like right weirdos to the Tesco customers, what with us cooking up some soup on a camping stove, but it worked for us!

I didn’t capture a photo of the Tescos, but here’s a nice family shot from the next morning at Farnham Castle

The sleep was peaceful enough, besides an old biddy poking her head through Max’s tent in the early morning (not sure who got the bigger surprise!) Before leaving Surrey I wanted to check out the Farnham Castle, so that’s what we did. The castle has a huge amount of history to it which you can see by the mismatch of architecture and materials used. It played an important role in many wars, so important that Henry II destroyed it during The Anarchy Civil War, though it was later rebuilt and even expanded on from the tower it once had been. I’ve no doubt history buffs would love to visit, but to anyone else who is unsure, the entry is free and it doesn’t take too long to look around the castle so why not take a peak!

That was all we had time for this weekend, but we loved Surrey so much we will certainly plan another trip there. Not a bad way to spend the hottest weekend of the year so far! Here’s to many more~

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  1. Yes Surrey is a beauty county as are most in the UK, we are truly blessed to have such amazing spaces on our doorstep. There is nothing better than sleeping under the stars!
    Looking forward to your next trip.

    1. AWh bless you for reading our blog! Agreed, the UK has so much to offer and we are looking forward to exloring it all!

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