A Weekend in Cambridge

Coton Church

On Friday the 24th of May we made the spontaneous decision to venture off to Cambridge for the weekend. Neither of us had ever been before, so our only expectation was that it would be like a mini Oxford.

We arrived in Cambridgeshire very late Friday evening, but thankfully finding a spot to park was a doddle. We spent the night in Coton, a lovely little village with some amazing old homes and a beautiful church.

Freki and I on our morning stroll

We woke up early the next morning aiming to take the Park and Ride to the city centre, only to drive there and have to turn back because they have a height barrier… Hmpft! We ended up parking back in Coton, and walking to the Park and Ride which took roughly 20 minutes. It wasn’t all bad though as at least it gave Freki a chance to do his business. Thankfully doggos are allowed on the Park and Ride busses so the ride in was pleasant and quick.

Freki doing society a favour by licking clean the bus floor

We got off at one of the later stops that we thought looked relatively central, and from there spent the day gallivanting the city streets, taking in the beautiful sights, the architecture and the people. Unfortunately dogs are not allowed in any of the college grounds, so we just admired from afar.

Our favourite part of the day was sitting by the River Cam in the scenic park, watching the world go by.

The River Cam
More of the River Cam

Since we had an early start, we decided to retire around late afternoon back to the van, then drove it to a new spot nearby to relax, read a book and use our laptops. In the evening we went to a pub in Milton. The meal was average in taste but far better than anything either of us could have cooked, plus it was dog friendly which is always a bonus. We spent the night down a quiet residential street, next to the BEST sewage drain we have witnessed so far… (It made emptying our portaloo an almost luxurious experience). Probably Ket’s highlight of the trip!

I didn’t want to upload a picture of a drain, so here’s one of Freki instead, I hope you’re not disappointed!

After a cheeky lie in on Sunday, we ventured to Grantchester in hunt of the inspiration for the song ‘Grantchester Meadows’ by Pink Floyd. If you are ever in the Cambridge area, I highly recommend a visit. The village itself is all too adorable, and the meadows are absolutely beautiful. We didn’t realise when we started the walk but after a hours stroll, crossing only one or two roads, you end up smack bang in the city centre! We were shocked that we had walked all the way to where we were hanging out the previous day. The walk gave us a whole new appreciation for Cambridge – Oxford sure can’t beat that amount of countryside!

To end our weekend we did something we’ve never done before: Longboarding… with Freki! Originally we were on the hunt for an industrial estate as we wanted somewhere secluded and flat with concrete, but we stumbled upon a brand-new estate with freshly tarmac’d roads that served perfectly! I have never been on a longboard before, and my skateboarding skills are bad enough, but actually it was so much fun and Freki enjoyed it too, trotting beside Ket on the board.

I didn’t get a snap of the longboarding, but Ket took this pretty photo of punters stopping off in the Grantchester Meadows for a little BBQ.

Then came the time to come home, but it wouldn’t be a Ket and Kat adventure if we didn’t grab a Donalds on the way. Never have we seen so many posh people in a McDonalds. It had stunning views of hills and countryside, but by this point we were tired of walking and just wanted some grub in our tums. A great way to end a fantastic weekend away.

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