Sizzling in Surrey’s Summer Sun

Frensham Little Pond
(to the right you can see the two lovebirds, Max and Ket, paddling into the distance on a blow-up bed…)

Having been busy a few weekends in a row, we felt it was about time to take out next little adventure on the 28th June 2019; and this time our destination was Surrey. We set off with our friend Max, who was going to camp in the roof tent on his car (later you will see why ‘stealth camping’ is a blessing!).

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A Day Out in Portsmouth

Since early 2018 Portsmouth has been a common destination for Kat and I due to the great people we know and have met at one of the regular sesh (house parties…) hosted by our old friend Danny, along with his house mates. Sadly as our friends have come to the end of their time at university, they are all now moving on, and though we have had some great times there it got me thinking ‘I would really like to see more of the southern sea side city’. So during our (potentially last) visit this weekend we took a long day out to really explore the city, rather than just seeing our friend’s house, the pubs around The Wedgewood Rooms and beach front as we had done before. (Or at least I had done before, I believe Katie has explored the city a little more during mornings when I have been too tired from the previous night to wake up).

Looking out from Portsmouth sea front towards [I think] Gosport.
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A Weekend in Cambridge

Coton Church

On Friday the 24th of May we made the spontaneous decision to venture off to Cambridge for the weekend. Neither of us had ever been before, so our only expectation was that it would be like a mini Oxford.

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How we came about living in a van

The Dream

Our flat in all its glory.

It all started around Spring-Summer last year (2018). Kat and I were happy living in a rented flat in her home town. We had the usual routine of dealing with our daily errands and work, then once Kat came home we would cook and eat together, then settle in for a night of playing computer games and binging Youtube. It is during one of these Youtube binges that Kat first stumbled upon, and quickly became obsessed with ‘#vanlife’ videos, a community of folks on Youtube who [mostly] live in commercial vans that have been converted to liveable campers to travel. As Katie’s interest peaked we decided that at some point in the future we would give it a go for ourselves, and left it at that for the time being.

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